More babies born at home

I know this is old news, but I have so little time to surf the web that it wasn’t until recently that I discovered this exciting bit of news: the CDC has reported that the rate of home birth increased 20%  between 2004 and 2008!

I wish I could find the original article about the rise in home births, but even though the total remains about 1% of births in the United States, a 20% rise is significant over a four year period. Plus, I proudly added one birth to that number when my second child was born at home in 2008 ::: smile :::

Home birth is not for everyone; it is safest for low-risk women with well-trained midwives, but it is important that women know home birth is a good option to consider, and the more women give birth at home, the more others will begin to recognize it as a socially acceptable, safe option.

Have you given birth at home? I would love to share your story here! Email me at if you are willing to share your story with others. Thank you!

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