February Favorites

Great news! My (Naomi’s) family blog, American Family Now, has opened its online store. You can now support both this blog and my family blog by purchasing herbal remedies for your home. The first product available? Comfrey salve that works great as diaper rash cream! I have used it for my own babies bottoms and have no need to use commercial products any longer! One container will last the average baby a couple months. Hope to see you over there!

We’ve plunged head first into cabin-fever month, and many of us are looking for things to keep us busy while we wait for warmer weather. Here’s some reading material to help you!

Natural solutions for Restless Leg Syndrome. 

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published a new statement this month (Committee Opinion #476) on “Planned Home Birth”. Although they referenced the Wax home birth study which has come under quite a bit of scrutiny, they do give a small amount of leeway to women who want a home birth, giving them recommendations on how to find a good midwife. They’ve got a long way to go, but this is a huge step!

TED talk on “parenting taboos”. I didn’t watch the whole thing but the part I did have time for was good!

The Lancet responded to the Wax study by condemning home birth in the UK, but the rate of home births continues to rise as women decide to claim autonomy in the birth process.

A couple from Texas have a horrible birth experience with a midwife, and respond by supporting a law requiring midwives to have malpractice insurance, neglecting the fact that the contract they signed with the midwife assigned the responsibility of choosing an appropriate midwife and of the outcome of the birth to the parents, and requiring midwives to be insuranced could effectively eliminate home birth midwives in some areas where insurance is not available. More laws is not the solution! If you plan a home birth you must make sure your midwife is skilled to handle emergencies. That save babies, making home birth illegal will not.

Owen Wilson and his girl friend had a home birth for their baby last month, despite criticism, everything went well.

One mom biked to the hospital when labor started, and enjoyed the ride! Wow!

Are you finding interesting links you’d like to share? Add them in the comments section!

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