Support doulas and win natural hand cream!

I’ve created drawings for prizes on my blogs before, but I’m going to try something different. Please participate! The more people who join in the more fun it will be!

Here’s how it works. If you have a blog, you can be entered in a drawing for my homemade, natural hand cream made from herbs I’ve grown. It works great for all sorts of maladies. Dry, cracked hands or feet? Diaper rash? Other skin rashes? Stretch marks? This cream takes care of it all. I use it for my family, and I want to pass on a jar of it to the lucky winner!

The other night I decided to do an experiment with this cream. I put some on one foot and not the other, and the following day my husband guessed correctly which foot I had put the cream on – the cream was still keeping my foot soft the next day!

How do you enter the drawing? Write a post on your blog with one of the following:

  • Share your personal experience of having a doula attend your birth, OR your experience of attending a birth where a doula was present
  • Why you chose to be a doula, or are currently training to become one
  • Put in a plug for your local doula. This works best if you interview the doula, either by phone or in person. Then you can share more about her service and experience, or even include her picture.
  • Do your research and then share about the benefits of hiring a doula

AND, in the same post encourage your readers to participate in this drawing, by including the link to this post in your post.

THEN, come back here and click on the Mister Linky button. Fill in your name and the link to your doula-related post and you’ll be entered in the drawing for my homemade hand cream!

Entries must be made by January 24th at midnight to be entered in the drawing. Please make this fun and join in!

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  1. I don’t have a blog, so won’t be entering the drawing, but I have to say the “hand cream” is awesome! Naomi gave me some for Christmas, and I have been thrilled with how well it works!

  2. Have fun with your giveaway. I probably won’t enter since I make my own cream and my editorial calendar is FULL but… you would be the doula I recommend! And I fondly remember when you attended Brienne’s birth.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I can only speak for myself (and not the other contributors on Becoming Midwives) when I say that it’s entirely unreasonable to imagine that I will be able to participate, though I sure wouldn’t mind a slather of your cream just now for my poor babe’s bum! Best regards, and happy birthing.


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