September Favorites

Here they are, all the links I’ve saved in the past month (or two!) in my Favorites folder. For non pregnancy/birth/postpartum links, please visit our family blog American Family Now to see our favorite September Reads and Clips.

Cookie Cutter Obstetrics by Birth Sense

An interview with Daniel Wilson regarding his article titled “Childbirth and Social War”

Birth plans from the point of view of a nurse – my thoughts exactly!

Why you should consider having your baby at home, the first time!

In Defense of Doctors by Bellies and Babies

Finally! A home birth on TLC’s A Baby Story! (Video)

Crisis in the Crib: Saving Our Nation’s Babies (Video)

Canadian obstetricians to learn how to deliver breech babies vaginally!

The U.S. circumcision rate is currently in a free fall.

Two articles by Gloria Lemay on the scam called “low amniotic fluid” can be found here and here.

CNN reports on the rising number of home births.

The first issue of Squat: An Anarchist Birth Journal

Rethinking the posterior position – I love this!

Really enjoyed this birth story, so encouraging!

An interesting discussion about doulas can be found here

Midwifery Today writes about the suspicious diagnoses by biophysical profiling.

VBAC’s now encouraged, is this for real?” by kikilaroo

Looking for a new home for your used cloth diapers? Consider donating them to the Cloth Diaper Foundation where they will be distributed to families who can’t afford diapers.

The trailer for At Your Cervix, a documentary about how care providers learn to do gynecological exams.

Parts 1 and 2 of an interview with Ina May gaskin by Mindful Mamas about loss in childbirth.

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