Something to Think About #22 – Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage

Came across this note by a midwife somewhere, perhaps Midwifery Today, or a yahoo group for midwives I’m a part of. Thought it might be useful for those who have had a postpartum hemorrhage before.

Utrophine is a uterine glandular developed to feed the uterus. When I have moms with babies close together, or a previously sluggish labor, I have them take it through the next pregnancy. Don’t know if it’s coincidental, but the next labor goes well and I’ve not seen a PPH.

Here’s another one from Midwifery Today’s E-News 11:19 regarding prolapsed uterus and postpartum hemorrhage.

I have found that Utrophin PMG and Ligaplex II, both Standard Process products, work very well for restoring the uterus after prolapse. I have a mother whose uterus prolapsed, actually coming inside out with severe hemorrhaging after her 11th birth. We used the two products (after resting the uterus for over a year between pregnancies) and her 12th and 13th births have been wonderful. She also was able to carry the babies much higher, whereas before she had carried them very low for at least three months before delivery.

Here is an article by a company who sells Utrophin PMG, along with more information about this supplement can protect your uterus. If you are interested in purchasing some for yourself, I think you will need a referral from a healthcare professional who has an account with Standard Process, which you can find through their website, or you may able to find some elsewhere by googling Utrophin PMG.

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    1. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful. We are no longer on Facebook, but you can subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the spot provided at the bottom of this page and recieve updates every time we post something new!

  1. It was encouraging to find that this post was so helpful to a reader. I found this at

    “I prayed to God that he would help me find something that would heal me and make it so I could have more children. A few minutes or so later, I just “happened” to find this when I was surfing the web.

    The product, made by standard Process is called Utrophin PMG and it is bovine uterus extract basicly and can be taken during before during and after pregnancy.

    That is the EXACT problem I ha d. My uterus didnt want to shrink down after birth. And to think that doctors give this to women to help, I was Excited!”

    If you read something here that you find encouraging, please tell us! We work hard to make this a blog you can benefit from!

  2. Naomi- that was me that posted that on Merryheartmedicine. Seriously within minutes after praying, dont remember how many, I found out about this Utrophin and found this blog!

    I have 4 children, but would love more. My Uterine Atony was possibly at least in part from Cytotec used 4x in all my births I am thinking, after some research.

    Do you possibly know the yahoo group where you got the note about the moms with sluggish labors and Utrophin?

    I am trying to research the product, and havent just come up with tons of testemonials!

    My long time vague dream has been to be a midwife, and I recently had a thought that I could be a doula!

    If you know of anymore possible information that could help me in this, let me know!

    Thanks so much for posting this about the Utrophin!

    I am hoping to try it, and if it works, would like to get pregnant in about 2 years from now God Willing.

    1. Thanks for visiting Amanda! I’m glad you found us! I’ve also been amazed at God’s goodness in answering prayer so quickly, I hope Utrophin works for you!

      Honestly, I don’t remember where it came from, like I wrote on the post, I think it came from or some other midwifery journal but I just found the note I had scribbled with no credit. Sorry!

      That would be wonderful if you became a doula or midwife! I am currently a certified birth doula and student midwife. I originally trained through a local pregnancy support center. If you have a local contact like that, you should see if they have any programs available for training. Otherwise I do recommend the DONA training program, I attended that also! But if you wanted to go straight to being a midwife, there are several routes you can take. If you found a midwife to take you on as an apprentice, you may be able to complete your training through her. There are also schools around the country, or you could begin studying on your own and go from there. Some midwifery schools publish a list of their required reading on their websites, and that would give you a good place to start for studying at home.

      I publish a LOT of information on this blog and I’m sure you’ll find helpful information on pregnancy and birth, as well as being a doula and midwife. If you use the search box, you may find specific topics you’re looking for. And please comment if you like what you’re reading! I appreciate hearing from my readers :0)

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