June Favorites


  • In my six month of pregnancy with Atlas, I volunteered for a midwifery class. This month I found one of the student midwives who were there, and discovered she had written a blog post featuring me and the other volunteers!



  • Babies and Bellies reviews PBS’s recent documentary on vaccinations
  • Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max are under extreme scrutiny for causing severe diaper rashes.
  • Thank you to Woman to Woman CBE for this excellent trailer for Breast is Best. Can’t wait to see the film! This trailer points out that even moms who have cesareans can have skin to skin time with their newborns during the repair of the incisions and in recovery. 


General Health

  • New research suggests hookworm may be more effective at fighting autoimmune diseases than medications.


  • An old friend of mine, Jesse, says God put her in the right place when she helped save a young woman’s life. Amazing story!
  • Grandfather, father, and son, all born on the same day, grandfather and grandson weighing the same amount at birth. The odds are 272,910 to one.
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