Family Friday – Simplicity vs. Being?

This weekend we are cleaning house, in more ways than one. We will be having our first real yard sale Saturday through Monday, and let’s just say, whatever leaves the house isn’t coming back in. Glen and I have been trying to pare down our belongings to things that actually serve a purpose. You know that saying about only keeping things in your house that are useful or beautiful? Well that about sums it up. Living with clutter is not easy: it’s hard to clean, to hide, to use… So instead of going yardsaleing ourselves this Memorial Day weekend, we decided to have one ourselves. For the past few weeks, the bags and boxes have been piling up in our bedroom, the diningroom, and the garage of things we will probably never use, and the things that hold no sentimental value to us. Boy does that feel good!

But cleaning house isn’t the only thing I’ve been gearing up for. This Monday, I’m signing off from Facebook for the last time. I’ve enjoyed using it as a way to communicate with family and friends who I don’t see very often, but I’ve come to realize that the relationships I think I’m building there are really quite superficial. And all those long lost buddies, well, it’s nice to know what they’re up to, but we don’t need to be keeping tabs on each other’s daily lives. As I review my list of priorities, I keep finding Facebook at the bottom, and since I’m trying to cut extra things out of my life, Facebook just didn’t make the cut this time around.

Glen says he thinks it’s a trend (people leaving Facebook that is). And ironically, soon after I announced to my Facebook friends I am leaving, at least four other of my family members did the same.

Less than three months old and Atlas is already reaching out for toys!

I think that the striving need for families to be busy in the world, to accomplish everything and to move up on the ladder is changing. It seems to me that more and more families are deciding that less is better, that simple is easier, and moving back to the basics brings more peace and happiness.

One day Daphney will be a mountain climber for sure!

And while I completely agree, and strive for simplicity myself, I noticed something recently: I’m always striving. I have my yearly, monthly, etc. goals and I’m always trying to simplify, but seems like I’m always moving toward these things. I never get there because life keeps going on and there is always something else to simplify. So, if I continue to strive for simplicity am I getting closer to my goal? Or would just being me and simplifying because I enjoy it bring me closer to acheiving the state of the simple? Hmmm. An interesting thought for the week.

In the meantime I’ll enjoy the simplicity I already have.

Nemo building a target to "shoot" blocks at.

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  1. Naomi,

    There is always something to simplify. Always. Striving for things is not bad but the reason behind the striving can be harmful. Simplifying will not complete your life or make you happy. Learning to be content in all circumstances will. (I don’t say this necessarily from experience but from what I know to be true). I love the simplifying process though I’m hoping some day I will arrive – but I have serious doubts!

    1. Thank you Renee. I think I just needed to come to that “duh! moment” and realize that I never will arrive at simplicity, that it is the journey which is rewarding, as with everything else in life. And as we both know (although we spend our lives striving to live this way) God is the only one who can complete us or give us real joy. Thank goodness we don’t have to find something on this earth that will make us complete! That would be quite dissappointing!

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