Family Friday – Enjoy the Interruptions

This week I was going to share about the progress my little herb garden has been making, but something else has been taking over what resemblance of a schedule we try to maintain – interruptions. Those blessed little things :::cough cough::: If you have young children you know what I’m talking about. This morning was a prime example. I started the dishes, mistake number one. As soon as you have one dish in the drainer you hear the screams and you know your chance of getting any chores done was just washed down the drain. It seemed this morning even my interruptions were getting interrupted, the kids still aren’t getting enough attention, and I still have not managed to get more than one sink full of dishes washed.

And then I am reminded by family and complete strangers (and myself) that those little interruptions should be enjoyed because a day is coming just around the corner when I won’t be interrupted by my little children anymore. Sometimes I just wish those interruptions were spaced out a bit more, but I know God will give me the strength I need to not get wound up with the crazyiness they often bring. Instead I’m trying to release myself from the need to get the dishes done (I have the excuse of three little kids, right?!) and start noticing how wonderful those interruptions are.

Nemo using a BB gun to shoot cans out the back door with Papa

A couple days ago, for example, Nemo asked me what color God’s hair is, so we went on a hunt through the Bible to find out that Jesus has white hair (some place in Revelations, don’t ask me where I read that). I’ve also managed to get extra cuddles from my daughter who literally won’t hold still long enough to enjoy a popsicle, though sadly it’s because she’s fighting another bug. And even Atlas has been having a harder time falling asleep in his swing for naps, so I’ve been keeping him wrapped up tight on my chest – not convenient, but sure is cozy!

I have also been discovering that keeping my camara handy is a great way to notice those special moments you want to remember, even if they are interrupting you from something. I’m not a photographer, and not particularly interested in becoming one, but I do enjoy looking through all the pictures I’ve taken of Nemo, Daphney, and Atlas, and it brings it right back home how fast time is already going by.

I wore this dress when I was Daphney's age.

So, when you feel like you’re going to scream because your kids won’t stop screaming for your attention, set aside the chores and enjoy your interruptions, because as I’ve come to understand it, life is just one big interruption and it needs to be enjoyed.

But I’m still planning to share about my herbs in coming posts. Here are two sneak peak pictures:

The skullcap is sprouting!

My comfrey, the herb that got me into herbology

 And, one more picture, this one of some flowers I gathered from my yard, to participate in my friend’s flower fest!

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    1. Thank you! Lilac’s are my husband’s favorite so I love being able to put a few fresh bunches on the counter. The vase was made by a friend of mine in her high school art class. It has since taken a tumble and one of the handles came off, but my hubby glued it back together, yay!

    1. They did come out early this year, didn’t they? Unfortunately ours doesn’t have that many blooming this year. I’ve heard some lilacs only bloom well every other year, do you know if that’s true?

    1. Thank you! I lucked out when we bought this house, the previous owners had already planted them so they are well established. We certainly enjoy them!

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