More links than you could ever want

Natural Family Planning resource

A Comparison of Respiratory Patterns in Healthy Term Infants Placed in Car Safety Seats and Beds

Doctors left a premature baby to die because he was born two days too early

One View of the Participation of the Father at Birth, article on Midwifery Today

Too Much Information May Cause Problems for Breastfeeding New Mothers

Interview with Dr. Stuart Fischbein, an OB who is currently fighting his hospital’s ban on VBAC and vaginal breech birth.

The Rituals of American Hospital Birth, an article by Robbie Davis-Floyd

“You should be grateful, after all, you’ve got a healthy baby”. How many times have we heard those words?

Home Birth the Wave of the Future, article in Lamaze journal

ACOG finally admits, women “may drink modest amounts of clear liquids during labor if they wish”. About time!

Today Show gives biased opinion on home birth, titling the presentation “The Perils of Home birth”. Gee whiz.

An ACNM response to the Today Show piece

A childbirth activist’s response to the Today Show piece

Vitamin D protective against H1N1

How Epidurals Decrease Blood Pressure

You Have a Choice, short documentary on birth

Info on informed consent and informed refusal

Breastfeeding timeline

Breastfeeding better for baby and mom

Two Hundred Hospitals Nationwide Will Replace Formula Sample Bags with Breastfeeding Support Sample Bags

Study shows babies are sunlight deficient, not vitamin d deficient

Great review of home birth by local news

Doulas talk about how they do or don’t invade on couple’s privacy during labor

“Painless Childbirth With The Ultimate Orgasm” on BlogTalk Radio

101 Reasons to Breastfeed

The nutritional benefits of breastfeeding toddlers

The First Hour After Birth, an article my Midwifery Today

A fairly decent article on home birth by USA Today

“Why Storing Cord Blood was NOT the Right Choice for Our Family”, a personal perspective

“Why Does the National U.S. Cesarean Section Rate Keep Going Up?”, Childbirth Connection

Small study shows that women who are more worried about pregnancy have a harder time conceiving

BJOG study shows the effects of common drugs used in labor

Internatal Journal of Childbirth Education Sept 2009 issue

Old article by Marsden Wagner on ultrasound

Donate baby blankets to those in need

Risk of certain postpartum infections after cesarean section compared with vaginal birth, a 2009 study

What you can do with your placenta

Massage in the childbearing year

What is an orgasm anyway?

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