Family charged with child endangerment for giving birth at home

My daughter was born at home. I chose to give birth at home because I wanted peace, I wanted health, I wanted love, I wanted respect. And I wanted it all for my daughter.


It is undescribably sad to me that some families who choose home birth are rediculed, harrassed, threatened, and accused of child endangerment.

Giving birth at home is not against the law, it is a right protected by the consitution of our great country. And yet I found today, a family in Ohio, who are battling to keep their names clean, to protect their children, and to defend the rights of other parents who want to give birth at home.

This family had a home birth a few months ago. The baby was perfectly healthy, but the midwife felt the mother needed medical attention, so they called 911. Everything turned out fine, so no one expected that several weeks later they would be called to court to face charges of child endangerment for giving birth in an “unsanitary environment” and not seeking medical attention for the baby right away (even though the baby went with the mother to the hospital). They did nothing wrong, and yet some choose to abuse the system and attack good families like these instead of focusing on the criminals on the street.

Please support this family. Visit their facebook support page if you have a facebook profile, and give them your moral support, prayers, and any financial support you can spare. If this family is not able to stand up under these false allegations by the court, it will not be long before more families are attacked by the government.


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  1. Unfortunately, what you don’t know about these people is that they ACTUALLY LIVE in an unsanitary home (trash, pet feces and urine, spoiled food, etc.). They’ve had the health department called on them before because of the condition of their home and (at the time) only child. Family insiders are actually the ones who wanted police intervention for the health of the children. These people are not being prosecuted for birthing their child at home… they are being looked at because of the condition of their home and condition of their children.

    1. Thank you for updating us, and for clarifying the charges. Unfortunately, however, the news carries it’s own spin on what happened and most think it is because they gave birth at home. And if the charges were not against home birth, then why were the called to court for child endangerment due to giving birth in an unsanitary environment. It shouldn’t have anything to do with giving birth if the unsanitary environment is the issue. If this is true, then those who know the truth should be sharing that information so that home birth is not tainted as a result of one family’s choices, which is happening more frequently due to unfounded and common fears of home birth.

    2. Now I don’t know the family personally, but I do know that just about everyone lives in an unsanitary home by your definition :trash, pet feces and urine, spoiled food.
      How many people have trash in their home? : EVERYONE
      How many people have pet feces and urine in their pets litter box (and accidentally elsewhere)?: about half of americans. I do think the midwife checked the planned birth scene ahead of time to be sure it was clean.
      How many people have spoiled food in their fridge?: Just about everyone. And will the spoiled food go away just because the birth is in a hospital? Does it have ANYTHING do do with birth?
      A resounding NO.
      Do hospitals carry a myriad of infectious dangerous organisms/diseases to a brand new baby?
      A resounding YES.
      As far as research tells us, home birth is safer than hospital birth. Period.

    3. Umm…this is incorrect. According to the family, the conditions of their home were not unsanitary. The unsanitary charges are a pretext for prosecuting a home birth.

      1. If you read the whole post you would have understood that I was not suggesting their house was unsanitary, but rather those were the charges brought against them. I have never even seen their house. And yes, it is obvious that some will bring any charges they can against home birthers out of bias.

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