At this time, I am not accepting new clients. If you are interested in doula care, feel free to contact me for referrals – I would be happy to share the names of some great doulas in the area!

Are you expecting a baby?

  • Do you need help finding resources and information to make informed decisions?
  • Do you want to ensure that you will have someone experienced in physical and emotional support to guide you through pregnancy and birth?
  • Are you hoping for a family birth experience, with guidance for your partner in supporting you through birth?
  • Are you taking a Hypnobabies® childbirth preparation course?
  • Are you planning a hospital or home birth? Going natural or using an epidural? Planning a vaginal, planned cesarean, or VBAC experience?

I can help you!

My name is Naomi Kilbreth and I am a Certified Birth Doula and a registered Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Doula. Birth a Miracle Services is the longest established active doula service in Central Maine, which I opened in 2002 after receiving my earliest training as a student midwife. After being certified by Hope House, Inc. in 2002, I attended additional birth doula training through DONA Int. in 2004. I am also the first Hypnosis Doula registered with Hypnobabies® in Maine, which means I can support parents using Hypnobabies® childbirth preparation classes more fully as they prepare for an easy birthing.

As a mother of four myself, I know how important an experienced and supportive birthing team is to a positive birth experience. That’s why I value holistic and individualized doula care: I can help you stay informed of ALL your pregnancy and birthing options, and I will stand behind your choices 100%. I am also very good at problem-solving; able to help you find a number of solutions to discuss with your medical care provider for any challenge you may face.

Family is so very important. As a doula, I recognize that one of the essential parts of a good birth is family bonding. While I can and often am physically and verbally supportive to mothers in labor, I place high priority on making sure that the couple’s hopes for the partner are respected. I am not just doula to the mother, but to the partner and family as well! Fathers and grandmothers alike have written to me and told me in person how helpful they found my guidance and encouragement as they discovered their strengths in supporting the mother.

No matter what your birthing choices are, you may find these supportive comfort techniques helpful, all of which I have experience in:

IMG_4012 - used

  • essential oils
  • the birth ball
  • water birth
  • massage
  • maternal positioning and movement
  • hypnosis
  • prayer
  • the rebozo
  • breathing techniques
  • lotus birth




For your safety and comfort, I abide by Doulas of North America’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct. See the image to the right to see my service area. 

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